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Answers to some common questions about Boursin®

What is Gournay Cheese?

When Francois Boursin first sold his creation, he was asked to classify it for customs purposes. He chose the name "Gournay" for his cheese, naming it for the small town in France where he grew up. Today, every package of Boursin® is labeled "Gournay Cheese," the statement of identity for Boursin®.

Where can I find your products?

Please use our Store Locator to find grocers in your area that carry our product. If the search shows no stores carrying our products in your area, our best advice is to speak with the Deli Manager or Store Manager at your local grocer, and ask them to add the flavor you want to their next cheese order. Please note that Walmart carries some of our products, but will not appear in Store Locator search results, as they do not share store data with us. Also, please understand that our Consumer Relations department uses the same Store Locator that is available to consumers, so we will get the same search results that you do.

Can I order directly from Bel Brands USA? Can I order online?

We do not sell or ship directly to customers but are available through multiple online retailers.

Is Boursin® Cheese gluten free?

None of the ingredients used in our products are known to contain gluten. However, without testing to rule out cross contamination from suppliers, we cannot claim that our products are gluten free.

Why is the 5.2 ounce original Boursin® Cheese wrapped in foil?

This item's unique packaging was designed to keep the cheese fresh, to make it easy to unwrap and rewrap, and to create an attractive presentation on a cheese board.

How long is Boursin® Cheese good after I open the package?

Our 5.2 ounce original Boursin® Cheese will stay good for approximately 2 weeks after opening, if kept refrigerated. Our 5.6 ounce Boursin® Cheese Dip will stay good from 2 to 4 weeks after opening, if kept refrigerated.

How long past the "Best before" date is Boursin® Cheese still good?

For best quality, we recommend consuming the cheese by the date that is printed on the package and discarding all product after that date.

Is it ok to freeze Boursin® Cheese?

Our 5.2 ounce original Boursin® Cheese can be frozen for up to 3 months. We do advise consumers to place the cheese in a zip-top bag, or airtight plastic container before freezing. The cheese may become slightly crumbly after thawing. We do NOT recommend freezing our 6.5 ounce Boursin® Cheese Dip, as it tends to lose its texture and to become runny after thawing out.

Is Boursin® Kosher?

All 5.2 ounce original Boursin® Cheese flavors (Garlic & Fine Herbs, Pepper, Shallot & Chive, Red Chili Pepper, and Cranberry & Spice) are Orthodox Union Kosher, and have the OU symbol noted on the package. Our 6.5 ounce Boursin® Cheese Dip flavors are not Kosher. Flavors in the Cheese Dip line (Garlic & Herbs, Garlic & Herbs Light, Spinach & Artichoke, and Monterey Jack & Spicy Pepper) come in a plastic container with a removable cover.

Is Boursin® Cheese vegetarian?

Yes, all our products are vegetarian (none contain animal rennet).

Does Boursin® Cheese need to be refrigerated?

Yes, for safety and best quality, Boursin® Cheese should be refrigerated at all times, when not being consumed. When serving guests, cheese is safe unrefrigerated for 2-4 hours, and remaining cheese can then be safely returned to the fridge.

What allergens enter your production facility?

All Boursin® cheese contains milk, which is an allergen. Tree nuts (almonds), wheat, egg, and soy are the only other major allergens that enter the facility that makes our 6.5 ounce Boursin® Cheese Dip flavors. However, none of these allergens are contained in any of our Cheese Dip products. Fish is the only other major allergen that enters the facility that makes our 5.2 ounce original Boursin® Cheese. However, fish is not found in any of our Boursin products.