Chicken Recipes with Boursin Cheese | Boursin | Boursin Cheese
  • The Dearborn’s Buffalo Chicken Sandwich
    created by Executive Chef Aaron Cuschieri, The Dearborn, Chicago

    Slaw? Check. Buffalo sauce? Check. Boursin? But of course! Chef Cuschieri goes all out with this tavern-inspired take on the classic buffalo chicken sandwich.

    • Level: easy

    • Total Time: 50 MIN (4 HR 50 MIN with marinade time)

  • Boursin Roll-ups
    with Boursin Pepper Cheese

    A delicious appetizer of Boursin rolled up in prosciutto, smoked salmon, and cooked chicken.

    • Level: easy

    • Total Time: 30 min

  • Tequila-lime Chicken Taco
    with Boursin Red Chili Pepper Cheese

    Make taco night every night!

    • Level: medium

    • Total Time: 65 min