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A Rich Artisanal Heritage

Boursin®'s History

The world's first variety of Boursin® was created in 1957 in Normandy by Francois Boursin.  Inspired by a long-standing traditional dish, fromage frais (fresh cheese), in which guests mixed their own seasoned cheese from a bowl of fine herbs, the expert cheese maker introduced Boursin® Garlic & Fine Herbs.  His recipe quickly became the first flavored fresh cheese to be sold throughout France.  Today, discerning fans in over 35 countries across five continents enjoy the taste of Boursin® Cheese.


Part of an American Tradition

Boursin® is made by Bel Brands USA, a subsidiary of Fromageries Bel, a family-owned cheese maker headquartered in Paris, France.  Fromageries Bel produces more than 30 local and international cheese brands that are sold in more than 120 countries around the globe.  Other Bel Brands USA favorites include The Laughing Cow® and Mini Babybel® cheese snacks, as well as the popular spreads Kaukauna®, WisPride® and Merkts®.