Inspiration: The Boursin Ritual | Boursin Cheese

Perfection Shouldn’t Be Rushed

Creamy, yet crumbly Boursin Cheese is a delicate Gourmet Cheese infused with flavor and perfect for any and all occasions. Simply serve it with crackers, spread it on an appetizer, or add it to your next meal. No matter how you eat Boursin Cheese—it’s always delicious.

The next time you enjoy Boursin, here are some tips to make the most of the experience.

  • 1. The Accompaniment

    A fresh baked baguette, artisan crackers, or crunchy crudités make the perfect companion for Boursin Cheese.

  • 2. The Opening

    Our signature foil wrapper locks in the freshness—but when you’re ready to enjoy Boursin, use two fingers to gently unwrap it, removing the lid and peeling back the foil wrapper.

  • 3. The Serving

    A simple cheese or butter knife will easily glide through the crumbly and creamy texture of Boursin. If you’re serving more than one flavor, use a different knife for each.

  • 4. The Presentation

    Place a generous spread of Boursin on the bread, cracker, or crudité of your choice. A simple pat will do, don’t over spread it.

  • 5. The Moment

    The entire ritual has led to this moment—the one in which you get to taste the delicious combination of authentic Gourmet Cheese and fine herbs and spices. Take a bite and enjoy.