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What’s the process for making Boursin Dairy-Free?

Boursin® Dairy-Free is made with the highest-quality ingredients using small-batch/ artisanal blending methods. We begin with a creamy dairy-free base that is made from coconut oil and then cold-blended with the unique garlic and herbs recipe that you find in traditional Boursin. This method maintains and preserves the original Garlic & Herb taste and intensity beloved around the world.  

Is Boursin Dairy-Free made in the same facility as traditional Boursin? 

We developed a partnership with plant-based leader, Follow Your Heart to leverage their plant-based expertise to deliver a true indulgent product. This was the right way for us to deliver a quality product fast. Given this partnership, we produce Boursin® Dairy-Free in the Follow Your Heart Plant, in Chatsworth, California.

How do you recommend people enjoy Boursin Dairy-Free?

Boursin Dairy-Free can be enjoyed in the same ways you already love eating Boursin—add it to your favorite recipes or pair with crackers, vegetables and more as part of a cheese plate. Just like Boursin Dairy, Boursin Dairy-Free works great as a spread on a sandwich or veggie burger, used as an ingredient in a recipe or simply added to a chilled appetizer.

What allergens are present in Dairy-Free Boursin and how can I be sure of this? 

Dairy-Free Boursin contains none of the FDA Top 9 allergens. While it does contain coconut oil, this oil is RBD (Refined, Bleached, and Deodorized), which means that it does not pose the same allergen effect as unrefined coconut or treenuts. Dairy-Free Boursin is made with ingredients that have all been strictly vetted by our quality department and is made in a completely vegan and gluten-free facility that implements stringent cross-contamination controls. 

What is Certified Plant Based and is that the same as vegan? 

Plant-based certification is a new verification by NSF that confirms ingredients are vegan and facilities have proper controls in place. Dairy-Free Boursin is made in an exclusively vegan facility that has strict controls in place for ingredient vetting and process controls. 

Where can I find Boursin Cheese?

Please use our Store Locator to find grocers in your area that carry Boursin Cheese. If your search shows no results, our best advice is to speak with the Deli or Store Manager about adding the flavor of your choice to their next cheese order. Note that in addition to the stores listed in our Store Locator, you can find Boursin at Trader Joe’s, Sam’s Club, and select Costco and Walmart stores.

Can I order directly from Bel Brands USA or online?

Unfortunately, we do not sell or ship Boursin Cheese directly to customers, but there are multiple online retailers who do sell it.

Does Boursin Cheese contain artificial growth hormones?

Boursin Cheese is rBST free, containing no artificial growth hormones

*Disclaimer: No significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rBST-treated and non-rBST treated cows.

Why is Boursin Cheese wrapped in foil?

Our signature foil packaging helps keep the cheese fresh. As an extra bonus, the foil also makes it easy to unwrap and rewrap the cheese, and creates an attractive presentation sitting on a cheeseboard.

How long past the "best before" date is Boursin Cheese okay to eat?

For best quality, we recommend only eating Boursin Cheese by the date that is printed on the package.

Does Boursin Cheese need to be refrigerated?

Yes, for safety and best quality, Boursin Cheese should be refrigerated at all times, when not being consumed. When serving guests, cheese may be unrefrigerated for no longer than 2 hours, and remaining cheese can then be safely returned to the fridge.