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Dairy-Free Cheeseboard

Cheeseboard and Charcuterie

A How-to That Wows – Dairy-Free Style!

Need a wow-worthy way to entertain your dairy-free guests? While you may be familiar with how to construct a cheeseboard, let us help you put a dairy-free twist on the classic.

  • Cheese

    Start by placing the cheese first. Boursin Dairy-Free is the perfect choice. A delicious combination of flavorful garlic, parsley, and chives blended in a dairy-free spread.

  • Something Sweet

    Add something sweet such as fresh or dried fruit. A perfect to contrast the savory flavors.

  • Nuts

    Scatter a handful of nuts around the platter to add texture and crunch. Candied Walnuts or Pecans are great choices.

  • Crackers

    Finish by adding in crackers, artisanal crisps or toasted baguette slices.