Casual Evening Cheeseboard | Boursin Cheese

Casual Evening Cheeseboard Recipe

with Boursin® Garlic & Fine Herbs Cheese
For an easy cheeseboard crafted with your favorites, try our Boursin® Casual Evening Cheeseboard.
  • Level easy

  • Prep time 15 MIN

  • Cook time 0 MIN

  • Total time 15 MIN


Your Turn To Create

Casual Cheeseboard
  • Start by placing the largest items on the platter, like the Boursin® Cheese and Jam or preserves.
  • Next, slice and prepare all vegetables and fruit. Place on the platter presenting each in a different way.
  • Add cured meat, try mounding it to create height and interest to your board.
  • Finish by adding crackers and toasted baguette slices.
  • Serve & Enjoy!


Feel free to swap for things that you already have on hand to create a delicious & quick evening treat!

  • 1 box Boursin Garlic & Fine Herbs

  • 2 Tbsp Fig Jam or Preserves

  • 1 Heirloom Tomato

  • 1/4 cup Golden Raisins or Dried Cranberries

  • 1 Handful Pitted Green Olives

  • 4 Raddish, sliced into thin rounds

  • 4oz. Dried Sausage or Chorizo, sliced into thin rounds

  • Multi-seed crackers or toasts to serve