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The Big Game

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For the Win

Whether it’s the big game or just a game that brings your friends and family together, Boursin can help you create a winning halftime spread. Your guests will be so stuffed by the third quarter—it won’t matter who wins the game.

Before kickoff, try out these tasty treats. They’re guaranteed to have you doing a victory dance.

  • Game Day Tostadas

    Just top store-bought tostada shells with a thin layer of Boursin Cheese, rinsed and drained black beans, roasted sweet potatoes, and cilantro. Touchdown!

  • Pretzel Bun Sliders

    When football is on, you need one hand to cheer and one to eat. Change up your ordinary beef sliders by using mini-pretzel buns and Boursin Cheese.

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  • A Winning Macaroni Salad

    The touchdown pass won’t be the only thing with a perfect spiral. Our Boursin macaroni salad featuring fusilli pasta hits the spot every time.

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  • Astro Turf Coasters

    Just because it’s the big game doesn’t mean you want drink rings on your table. Simply cut astro turf into squares to make themed coasters.

  • Touchdown Cups

    Personalize your football fans’ beverages by placing oval-shaped chalkboard stickers on each cup. Using a chalkboard pen create a football and add a game-day saying.