Dessert | Boursin Cheese
  • Sweet & Savory Boursin S’mores
    Created by Saffron & Sage, Holistic Health Club, San Diego

    A distinctive, balanced version of classic s’mores with tart blackberry compote plus bold and flavorful Boursin Cracked Black Pepper. This delicious twist on the campfire favorite will have you coming back for more.

    • Level: easy

    • Total Time: 18 MIN

  • Crispy Cheese & Apple Snaps
    Created by Executive Pastry Chef Miro Uskokovic, Gramercy Tavern, New York

    Inspired by the holiday table at his childhood home in Serbia and his mother’s homemade cheese, Executive Pastry Chef Miro Uskokovic’s savory cookie recipe is sure to elevate your holiday spread. Crafted with shortbread, creamy whipped Boursin® Garlic and Fine Herbs Cheese, a dollop of apple compote and a sprinkle or crispy streusel and chives – these small and delectable cookies are perfect served at the end of a meal or as an appetizer with pre-dinner cocktails.

    • Level: medium

    • Total Time: 1 HR + 4-24 HR Rest Time

  • Savory Ma’amoul Cookies
    Created by Pastry Chef Lena Sareini, Detroit

    Pastry Chef Lena Sareini gets creative in the kitchen with this modern savory twist on a classic ma’amoul cookie recipe often served during her holiday celebrations at home with her family of foodies. Filled with Boursin® Cracked Black Pepper Cheese, this traditional Lebanese semolina shortbread cookie is a pastry sure to satisfy this holiday season.

    • Level: easy

    • Total Time: 2 HR 25 MIN

  • Lemon & Cheese Stuffed Cookies
    Created by Chef Paola Velez, Maydan, Compass Rose DC and La Bodega Bakery DC

    Chef Paola Velez’ family calls her “The Cookie Lady” and now we know why. She put a modern savory spin on this cookie recipe inspired by her LatinX family’s heritage and favorite Noche Buena holiday cookies. This citrus treat stuffed with Boursin® Shallot & Chive Cheese, finished with a hibiscus maldon salt for a pop of color and decoration is sure to wow your guests and foster lifelong memories.

    • Level: easy

    • Total Time: 1 HR 1 MIN